Linx to sites I like, linx to stuff I did:
These links are for Christians and non-Christians alike:
Christian Walk
My youth group leader's page devoted to Christ with testimonies, inspiration, Bible Gateway, and more...
Chinese Bible Study Homepage
This is the homepage of the campus fellowship that I'm in. Their large group meetings and Bible studies are really awesome, and they've been a source of tremendous growth ever since I arrived on campus.

Here's some stuff that I wrote:
This is a collection of ten poems that I wrote for an AP Lit project. There is one poem of each of the following forms: pastoral, free verse, ballad, elegy, ode, concrete, surrealism, confessional, sonnet, and dramatic monologue. I don't claim to be a poet, so try not to wince when you read these, especially at the sonnet and the ballad. But don't worry, the entire collection isn't totally hopeless (I think); there are some decent ones somewhere in there.

For those who are interested in Asian/Chinese literature and culture:
My Amy Tan Page!
Biography, stuff about books, Links
Cyberguide: Asian Culture
Lotsa info about Asian cultures, great photos of an AWESOME garden in China

For science fiction/fantasy fans:
The Waygate
A website all about Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time with links, FAQs, and more.

Anne McCaffrey Archives
Random House's page on the author and Pern, the wonderful world of telepathic dragons.
Greetings Honored Guest of Dragon Weyr!
A website for fans of Anne McCaffrey and her Pern books.

Here's a link for people who are into spiritual psychic stuff:
Dream Analysis
Find out what your dreams mean....Check out the author's homepage if you like this psychic stuff....

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