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Home Stuff

My home is in Buffalo, NY....yes it snows tons there and it's a frozen-over icehole for about half the year. I've lived there my whole life, but just because I'm used to the cold doesn't mean I like it!

School Stuff

I go to Cornell University in lovely little (and cold and snowy) Ithaca, NY. Don't ask me what my year is because I'm not really sure either...I have junior academic standing but this is only my second year of college. Heck, just call me a sophomore =D Well, fall semester is over by now, and boy was it a tough one! My major is Neurobiology, and I'm (you guessed it) also a premed. It's sooooo pretty at Cornell, but it's SO much work too. But the ppl here are really cool, and all the work and cold is worth it =)

Faith Stuff

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm Christian. It was in my sophomore year of high school that I accepted Christ...I have a testimony, but I want to write a more complete one and put it up....sometime =P Here at Cornell, I'm part of the Christian Cornell Fellowship (CCF), which is the Cornell branch of InterVarsity. I'm also in an interfellowship group called LivingStones, and our ministry is praise in motion, which is motions to Christian songs that are based on sign language.

More info coming orgo lab is calling me =)