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People I Know
(called friends)


I got the idea for making a page about people in my life from Eric Wu, so he gets all the credit! :) This is obviously not a complete list of all my close friends, and certainly not all of my friends in general. NOT ALL MY FRIENDS ARE LISTED HERE, for people who didn't catch the previous sentence ^_^ These are people who have affected my life in a unique way. And since this page will be eternally under construction, not everyone I have in mind will be on here....but they will eventually, when I get around to updating my page the next time....which will probably be never. But I'll try!

Yun-sheen Liu
I have known "Ring" virtually all my life. Her name is pronounced "Ring shing" so naturally she has tons of nicknames, like Binky and Ring-shing a ling. She's also my bestest bud in the whole world!!!! We know each other inside out, and it's almost scary how our lives parallel each other's. She's small, she's loud, she's spastic, and she's dangerous. =P Haha! All through high school Ring has been the hardest worker I know, and she's valedictorian now!! Congrats, bok-bok girl! You kick butt!

Jamie Mak
Jamie is also one of my best friends, and I've known her since we were in 5th grade. She's a fellow violin player, and we're stand partners in orchestra...we've also survived some pretty scary teachers, not to mention any names ^_^ She is also one of my most loyal friends, and stuck it out with me all those years...haha thanks for putting up with me! (I drove her crazy all the time...I always drive EVERYONE wait just a minute....)

Eric Wu
There are very few people who I have known literally for my entire life, and Eric Wu (aka Wu-Tang) is one of them. Of course, being the evil and devious person that he is, he chomped my finger at our first encounter when I was one year old. Strangely enough, we are good friends now, despite his violent tendencies - he periodically attempts to strangle me :) - No, he's not REALLY evil and devious...actually he is probably the sweetest and nicest guy I know, even though SLICK is dead. Eric also happens to one of my most loyal and best friends (I have 3) as well. He is an amazing violin player, no matter how much HE says he sucks, which he definitely doesn't. And I WILL be joining him next year at I CAN say that I'm going for sure, dear ;-P

Amy Suhr
Amy is another one of my close friends from orchestra, that wonderful musical organization (note the sarcasm). She is a very sweet person who never gets mad, and she has been an excellent influence on me, being one of the strongest Christians I have ever met. Currently she is a freshman at the University of Binghamton, which is only 45 minutes from Cornell - yay! Amy is also a very lucky aunt - she has an absolutely adorable little neice named Eden. OK Amy, I just HAD to say that...Eden IS very cute! ^_^

Matt Kaprove
Unlike most of my other friends, I have not known Matt for very long. I got to know him because he was in my AP Chemistry class in my junior year. He is the biggest slacker I know (other than myself) ;-P Well he's probably not anymore since he is a freshman at Cornell, like Eric. We've had some very...interesting....times in AP Chem and in orchestra (tour!). He has confidence in me that I don't have, and he's always been there for me. Thanks, dear!

Dolly Ng
Like Amy, Dolly is one of the strongest and most spiritual Christians that I have encountered. Two years ago, she and two other college students led my youth group over the summer, which was no easy task. Then for my junior year, she took on the whole bunch of us alone! That really is an amazing feat when it comes to keeping 10+ teenagers under control single-handedly. Dolly was what really helped members of the youth group grow closer to each other, especially the guyz and the girlz (there was some serious segregation between the sexes for years before that). She was also an inspiration to me, and her enthusiasm sparked my desire to get to know God better. She's too humble to admit how much she has done for us....thanks, Doll!

Bridget Mullan
Cindy Phillips
Leon Tseng
Sara Graham
Ilan McNamara
Diana Popowich
Kelvin Wong

Youth Group

Cynthia Tung
Iesan Tsai
Liz Tang
Susan Wu
Debbie Wong
Wendy Wu
Jon Chow
Matt Lau

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