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This is a surrealistic poem, water. It throws a series of images at the reader that have to do with water.

An Ode to Winter
This is an ode that praises the soothing effects of winter.

The Nature of Love
This is a concrete poem about God and love. NOTE: In order to view this poem properly, widen the right screen by pulling the vertical dividing line to the left. The shape of the poem is supposed to be a heart with a cross overlying it.

The Golden Sunrise
This is a sonnet about life and death.

This is a free verse poem about something that happened to me recently.

Queen Esther
This ballad is about Queen Esther from the Bible and how she risked her life for her cousin, herself, and her fellow Jews by approaching the King without being invited to do so (the penalty for that was death, but the King pardoned her cuz he was dazzled by her beauty).

A Candle in the Darkness
This is a confessional about the persona's (the narrator) dark side.

Two Deaths of a Friend
In this elegy, the persona reflects on the conflicts that she and her late friend have had.

Peace of Mind
This one's a pastoral about....well, you figure it out.

Kwan's Ghosts
The speaker in this dramatic monologue is Olivia Bishop from Amy Tan's The Hundred Secret Senses. If you want to be able to better understand this poem, you can read something I wrote about Olivia on my Amy Tan page.



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