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Cookbook of Desserts

Are you looking for easy-to-make yet delicious desserts? This cookbook was compiled by me (Crystal Tung), Bridget Mullan, Yun-Sheen Liu, Diana Popowich, and Lauren Alessi to help make your life easier. We simplified some of the directions to make them easier to understand, and there are some helpful charts and definitions included. Try these recipes and if you have any comments, just send them to Enjoy!

Here are some helpful hints:

Equivalent Charts-definitions of measurements

Here are the recipes:

Apple Crisps
Carrot Torte
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Romance Cookies
Strawberry Squares
Cherries Jubilee
Cinnamon Apples
Oatmeal Cookies
Chocolate Chiffon Pie
Peach Slice Cheese Cake